While it may not be financially responsible, the allure of unboxing a high-tier StatTrak™ skin or a gold-tier knife or glove skin in CSGO cases never gets old for many players.

Best CSGO Cases to Open in 2023

What is the best CSGO case to open?

Despite the notorious reputation of low returns on investment, avid gamers still can’t resist the excitement of opening CSGO cases for a chance at rare and valuable skins. If you’re planning to indulge in a case-opening spree in CSGO, here are the top cases to consider for a mix of consistent returns and a shot at hitting the jackpot.

According to data from Jonesy.moe, a popular CSGO case database, the Revolution Case is currently the best bet for average return on investment in early 2023. This comes as no surprise, considering the case is relatively new. With an after-key cost of ~$5 USD, the average skin value obtained from opening the case is $3.34. The two rifle red skins in the case are particularly valuable, along with the AWP | Duality and M4A1-S | Emphorosaur-S skins in pink and purple rarity respectively. Additionally, there’s a chance of unboxing a pair of high-tier gloves worth well over $7,000, adding to the allure of the Revolution Case.

Skins from the Revolution Case

As more of the Revolution Case skins flood the market, the anticipated return on investment for this case is likely to decrease. If you’re seeking more stability, the Operation Wildfire Case presents a viable option with an average opening value of $2.11. Additionally, this case is priced at just under a dollar on the Steam Market, making each opening more affordable to start with.

Which expensive CSGO cases should I open?

If you’re willing to take a gamble, there are only a handful of CSGO cases that offer the potential for high returns. These cases tend to be pricey to open and often contain only a few valuable skins.

For those hoping for the perfect stroke of luck, the Operation Bravo case is considered the best choice. As the second-ever collection introduced in CSGO, it features the highly coveted AK-47 | Fire Serpent skin, which can fetch prices starting at almost $600 for battle-scarred copies and soaring to tens of thousands of dollars for factory new examples. The StatTrak™ versions of this skin are among the most expensive in the entire CSGO market.

Another option to consider is investing in souvenir cases, which can yield significant returns with prices that can reach into the thousands. Among them, the Souvenir Cobblestone cases are the most expensive due to the exclusive chance of obtaining one of CSGO’s top AWP skins. Souvenir Dragon Lores are known to sell for well over $10,000. Keep in mind that each opening comes with a minimum cost of $1,000, but at least you won’t have to purchase a key separately.

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