Best Paris Major 2023 Player Autograph Stickers

What are Autograph Stickers in CSGO?

Player Autograph Stickers are collectible items in CSGO released by Valve before every Major tournament, including the recently finalized Paris 2023 major. Each player whose team qualifies for the Major receives an Autograph sticker. While most players design their own stickers, Valve steps in and creates them if necessary due to controversial entries. These stickers are sorted into capsules based on the Major stage: Contenders, Challengers, Legends, and after the Grand Final, Champions Sticker Capsules are added with the winning team’s logo and player signatures.

How do you get Autograph Stickers in CSGO?

To obtain Player Autograph Stickers for the Paris 2023 Major, you can buy and unbox Contenders, Challengers, or Legends Autograph Sticker Capsules. Opening these capsules doesn’t require a key, and you can obtain an infinite number from the game’s main menu. Alternatively, you can purchase desired Paris 2023 Autograph Stickers from other users on the Steam Community Market or external skin marketplaces such as DMarket or SkinSwap.

Another way to acquire Paris 2023 Player Autograph Stickers is through a Viewer Pass in-game. By redeeming or purchasing a Souvenir Package and unboxing it, you’ll receive a weapon skin from the corresponding collection with a pre-applied signature sticker. It’s important to note that once applied, the sticker cannot be removed or transferred to another weapon.

What are the best Autograph Stickers from the Paris 2023 Major?


The m0NESY Autograph Sticker is highly regarded and currently holds the title of being the most expensive and popular sticker. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov from G2 will be participating in his second Major event at the Paris Major. His Paris Sticker showcases a crossed “O” resembling a sniper rifle’s scope, highlighting his precision, along with a lightning motif that symbolizes his impressive reaction speed as a young talent.


Despite using the same design for his Player Autograph Sticker for a considerable period, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev’s sticker continues to capture attention with its captivating appeal.


On his Paris 2023 Autograph Sticker, Robin “ropz” Kool, a player from FaZe Clan, has portrayed a broken heart as its design.


Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, in a nod to a popular meme, altered his nickname to ZyWHO and incorporated a question mark at the end of his signature on his Autograph Sticker for Paris 2023.


Despite generating controversy, the Autograph Sticker of Christopher “dexter” Nong from MOUZ for the Paris Major is highly favored within the community.


Given Casper “cadiaN” Møller’s exceptional skills as one of the top AWP players globally, it comes as no surprise that his signature sticker showcases a sniper motif. The design choice aligns perfectly with his expertise and has received praise for its impressive aesthetics.

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