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Skins are one of the most integral parts of CSGO, and are coveted by players who want to stand out from the rest. Among them, souvenir skins are considered some of the most special. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what they are, and how you can add them to your collection.

What are Souvenir Skins?

Souvenir skins are rare and exclusive items that serve as a memento of an event, such as a Major tournament. They are similar to normal skins, but with unique stickers that commemorate the participating teams. These stickers can feature autographs, logos, and other images related to the event. Each souvenir skin is unique and different from the others, making them highly sought after by CS:GO players.

How Do Souvenir Packages Work?

Obtaining a souvenir skin can be quite difficult, adding to their appeal. In the past, they could be obtained by either opening a case or buying a skin on the marketplace. However, the rules have since changed. In order to obtain a souvenir case, you must first purchase a pass, complete tasks, and earn tokens. The packages work similarly to regular cases, although the odds are much less in your favor in comparison.

How to get Paris Major Souvenir Packages

The method of obtaining souvenir cases at the Paris Major differs slightly from previous Majors, where you could acquire them simply by watching the tournament broadcast.

To earn souvenir cases at this Major, watching the live broadcast alone is not sufficient – you must take an additional step. First of all, you must obtain tokens. These tokens are only given out two ways: buying the Paris Major Pass and completing missions within the game itself, or purchasing the tokens outside of the pass.

Therefore, to obtain souvenir cases without spending all of your money, the Paris Major Pass is likely your best bet. This Pass is offered in two versions. The first choice is a less expensive Pass that allows you to gain tokens by predicting the outcome of each tournament stage accurately. The second option is a pricier Pass, but it is more lucrative since it provides you with an extra three tokens along with the Pass.

What are the best Souvenir Packages to open?

If you are looking for pure value in the souvenir packages, we have assembled a breakdown of the maps you can choose from, the best items in each package, and rated them between one through seven based on value potential.

  • Inferno – Rating: 1/7 | Not very popular and skins are low value
    • Dual Berettas Twin Turbo
    • SG-553 Integrale
  • Nuke – Rating: 2/7 | These skins are very disliked for their rarity
    • M4A1-S | Control Panel
    • Tec-9 | Remote Control
  • Overpass – Rating: 3/7 | These skins do bring a nostalgic feel, but are still dated.
    • M4A1-S | Master Piece
    • AWP | Pink DDPAT
  • Ancient – Rating: 4/7 | Relatively new collection, has some great skins but not as desirable as others.
    • M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle
    • AK-47 | Panthera onca
  • Vertigo – Rating: 5/7 | These skins are incredibly desirable and continue to climb in value.
    • M4A1-S | Imminent Danger
    • Five-SeveN | Fall Hazard
  • Mirage – Rating: 6/7 | The Desert Hydra is a serious competitor for best AWP skin and is a community favorite.
    • AWP | Desert Hydra
    • Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox
  • Anubis – Rating: 7/7 | New collection so it is hard to tell but the players seem to love these skins.
    • M4A4 | Eye of Horus
    • FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys
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